July 7, 2014

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The rising role of IT in physical access control

Download: Security Training and the Security Industry Authority Report

optimafrontThe Security Training and the Security Industry Authority (SIA) Report provides valuable information and insights around the Regulator’s licensing regime for security professionals.

The results published in this whitepaper were produced via a survey of IFSEC Global’s dedicated security community, in association with Optima Group.

Respondents from that cohort including senior security/risk professionals/managers operating in-house for private sector employers or working for security companies providing regulated and licensed solutions to purchasing end users.

Respondents also encompass security officers, security consultants, trainers, policing, law enforcement professionals and facilities managers.

The topics explored in the Security Training and the Security Industry Authority Report include the following:

  • In general, has licensing enhanced the image of the private security sector? Is there now a defined and clear path in place for career development?
  • Would a professional, central framework of qualifications allow careers in security to be furthered?
  • Do you think that the present SIA licence training includes sufficient information on both current and emerging threats?
  • Are the SIA’s minimum requirements for obtaining a licence sufficient in scope?
  • Are you planning on spending more or less resources on SIA focused training?
  • When you or your colleagues have received SIA licence training, how satisfied were you with the course in terms of how it prepared you/your colleagues for your/their role?



Download the full report to read more.


Free Download: Cybersecurity and physical security systems: how to implement best practices

If you are involved in the operation or maintenance of physical security systems, this resource from Vanderbilt will help you choose the right equipment for staying diligent. It provides a five step process for strengthening the resilience of those systems against cyber-attack, as well as explaining what cyber-attacks mean in an interconnected world.

Discover the five step process now by clicking here.

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